• Facing Bricks as Timeless Beauty: Meershoven Residence

    Residence Meershoven in Waregem: the perfect fusion of modern comfort and timeless elegance. A beautiful realisation by Wielfaert Architects and Bouwonderneming Derleersnyder.

    A glimpse of Meershoven Residence

    Residence Meershoven is an ode to timeless beauty. It is located in a quiet but central location.

    The building comprises nine spacious flats, all with generous terraces. Some residents even have two terraces to enjoy. The sun-facing orientation ensures that residents can enjoy the sun’s rays throughout the day.

    It’s not just the exterior that impresses… Residence Meershoven has been built with a focus on sustainability and elegance. The choice of high-quality, timeless materials is central to the finishing of the flats.

    The Role of Facing Bricks

    One of the most striking features when you see Residentie Meershoven from the outside is undoubtedly the façade. The facing bricks play a crucial role in defining the look and character of the building. The Karma White Grey HV WF brick not only guarantees durability, but also adds timeless elegance to the design.

    The Karma facing bricks have been carefully selected to perfectly match the surroundings. They add to the aesthetic appeal of the building and give it a sense of harmony with its natural surroundings.

    A Connected Life

    Besides the use of high-quality facing bricks, Residentie Meershoven has much more to offer. Its central location ensures easy access to the centre of Waregem and important approach roads.

    For those who like to explore the surroundings on two wheels, there is an above-ground communal bike shed. This makes it easy to enjoy the beautiful nature and the many cycling routes Waregem has to offer.

    Timeless Beauty in Every Detail

    From the facing bricks enveloping the structure to the spacious flats and sun-drenched terraces, this project embraces luxury and comfort.

    In a world where new construction projects are often judged on their aesthetics and functionality, Residence Meershoven shines as an example of how materials can make a profound difference. It embodies the vision of modern, connected living in a timeless setting.