• Swimming pool makes way for Lowie Bricks in Dadizele

    An impressive piece of architecture is unfolding in idyllic Dadizele, where the old family swimming pool is now giving way to a stunning residence with 15 modern flats. Underground garages, cleverly woven into the original pool shell, optimise space and add an innovative touch to the design.

    The building’s architecture will be characterised by a perfect harmony between wood and the hybrid Lowie Classic White façade brick. Thanks to its revolutionary production process, this facing brick has a CO2 reduction of no less than 80% compared to ceramic facing bricks.

    Bouwhandel Samyn from Boezinge is one of the first to bring these sustainable building materials to the building site. The bricks are expertly installed by contractor Vancoillie – Tanghe from Westrozebeke.

    Congratulations to the owner of this beautiful realisation and his progressive choice for Lowie Bricks!