• The ‘Karma White HV WF’ facing brick Shines in Danneels’ Energy Efficient Houses in Astene

    In picturesque Astene, on Begijnhofstraat, a new chapter of sustainable living is being written by Danneels. The renowned construction promoter chose energy-efficient family houses with a modern look. As a facing brick, they chose our Karma White HV WF.

    Why did they chose for our Karma White HV WF facing brick?

    The choice for the Karma White HV WF facing brick is not accidental. This facing brick fits the contemporary look of these houses perfectly.

    For modern houses, where clean lines often take centre stage, the Karma White HV WF offers a calm and stylish look. The white colour of this facing brick provides an excellent basis for creating contrast with other elements of the house, such as the dark windows. This contrast adds to the visual appeal of modern architecture.

    Nearly Energy Neutral and Comfortable Living

    The houses in the new subdivision have been designed with near-energy neutrality in mind. This means that the buildings are highly energy-efficient, resulting in significantly lower energy costs for residents. It is not only an environmentally conscious choice, but also a financially sensible investment.

    The houses of Danneels not only promise low energy bills, but also a high level of comfort and well-being for residents. Modern amenities and thoughtful layouts ensure a pleasant living environment.

    The combination of modern architecture, near-energy neutrality and the use of Karma White HV WF facing brick not only creates a visually appealing environment, but also promises to be a home where comfort, sustainability and well-being go hand in hand.