• A Facing Brick Revolution: Lowie Bricks in Beernem

    In picturesque Beernem, constructor Arne Dewaelsche has started the very first project using our brand new Lowie Brick. These hybrid facing bricks can best be described with the following three keywords: sustainable, affordable and authentic. The hybrid character in which the brick positions itself between ceramic and concrete provides a solid basis that meets all technical requirements.

    A Green Revolution

    What makes the Lowie facing bricks remarkable is the revolutionary production process. Unlike traditional facing bricks, no energy-intensive firing process is required. The Lowie bricks harden based on an initial hydraulic bonding process, followed by long-term natural carbonation. This achieves an impressive CO2 reduction of as much as 80% compared to clay bricks. Moreover, the low-impact facing brick is also affordable. This makes sustainable building accessible to many more people. After all, real ecological progress is only possible if it is also affordable.

    Aesthetically Attractive and Practical to Use

    Constructor Arne Dewaelsche is very satisfied with the new Lowie Bricks: “Construction is progressing very well. The facing bricks are dimensionally stable and masonry is going very smooth.” He indicated that he definitely saw a future in these facing bricks: “We have since discussed another site where we will use these facing bricks, they are also very nice in terms of colour.” The Lowie Bricks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also practical to use.

    Preserving Authenticity

    A major concern when developing new building materials is to preserve the authentic look and feel of traditional facing bricks. Lowie Bricks has successfully achieved this goal. The facing bricks retain the aesthetics of traditional bricks, making them a perfect match for both modern and classic architecture.

    The project in Beernem is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting revolution in the world of facing bricks. With Lowie Bricks innovation, contractors can not only work more efficiently, but also contribute to a greener future without compromising on aesthetics or price.

    Discover Lowie Bricks at the Bis fair in Ghent and in our showroom

    Lowie Bricks can be seen in the showroom of Olivier Bricks in Kortrijk and on the exhibition floor of the Bis fair in Flanders Expo Gent, stand 1503 (7 to 15 October 2023).