• Residence Jan Breydel at Tremelo

    Promotor: Jennes Project BV – Keerbergen
    Architect: Schellen Architecten – Bonheiden
    Plaats project: Tremelo
    Gevelsteen: Karma White HV WF

    The new ‘Jan Breydel’ residence is located in the centre of the charming and rural town of Tremelo. Promotor Jennes Project chose to use our brick Karma White HV WF (just as for their project in the Kempenlaan in Keerbergen).

    The Residence consists of 22 very attractive, luxurious and comfortable flats, spread over two volumes, which enhances tranquility and privacy. Underground parking is provided, and for guests there is a spacious public parking lot available a few meters from the building.

    Nearly zero-energy (NZEB)

    The apartment building was built according to the NZEB-principles. It therefore meets the requirements, the most important of which is a very low E-level, namely E30 or less. This E-level is an indicator of the general energy efficiency of the flat.

    In order to achieve the E-level, they chose:

    • Optimal insulation
    • Underfloor heating
    • Solar panels installed for individual use per flat
    • Ventilation system D


    This modern and fresh concept by Schellen Architectuur fits perfectly into the streetscape of peaceful Tremelo. A place where you immediately feel at home. Each flat is flooded with light and has a spacious terrace or garden, which optimises the feeling of being close to the outside environment.